With our creative team, engineers and fully featured in House Manufacturing capabilities we specialize in taking a vision and bringing it to fruition. We are masters of blending various materials, electronics, lighting and visual effects to create basically anything the mind can imagine. This page showcases some projects that cannot be categorized under any one single product or material type.


Large custom one piece Foam Hardcoated Foam Letters with custom made Aluminum Platform. The platform was built to for public traffic to stand on as a photo op. as well as to create a platform that can be picked up with a forklift and moved around as need.

Materials Used:

  • Polyurethane Hardcoated EPS Foam Letters
  • 6mm White PVC 3D Dirtbike Layer
  • Aluminum Sq. Tubing Platform
  • Aluminum .080 Removable Platform Panels



An EPS Foam Pineapple with textured Polyurethane Hard-coating and custom airbrushed finish. The Leaves where made of hand formed green acrylic and a multilayered digitally printed thermometer with a slider was affixed to the face to give the client a unique and creative ways to track their sales.

Materials Used:

  • Polyurethane Texture Hardcoated EPS Foam 
  • 3mm Green Acrylic Thermoformed Leaves
  • 1/4″ Printed Clear Acrylic Sliding Scale
  • 3mm Digital Print PVC Tag


A giant EPS foam Prop custom made for a Software Development company to gather attention to their trade-show booth at an event. The arms had to be designed in a way to be easily detached for transport and then reassembled on site.

Materials Used:

  • Stucco Texture coated EPS Foam 
  • Aluminum Sq. Tubing Skeleton
  • Custom Multi-Color Paint


This project was to make multiple differently shaped monument signs for a newly built apartment complex. A specialty rust effect paint was used to give the hyper-realistic effect of real rust while still providing a sign completely fabricated from aluminum that will withstand the test of time.  The sign was adorned with internally illuminated push through letters to make an impact during both day and night times.

Materials Used:

  • .090 Formed Aluminum 
  • 1/2″ White Acrylic Push Through Letters
  • 2×2 Aluminum Angle internal Structure
  • MetalEffects Multistep Rush Finish with Protective Clearcoat


This prop was fabricated for a company who makes organic shampoo from avocado’s. They requested a large avocado that can keep their samples chilled as well as vend packets when the pit of the avocado is pushed. The face of the Avocado is affixed magnetically in order to enter the prop and refill the vending mechanism.

Materials Used:

  • EPS 1LB Foam Hard-coated and Custom Painted
  • Digitally Printed PVC Face (Magnetically Attached to body for Refilling)
  • Custom Made Vending and Chilling solution powered by an Arduino Micro controller
  • 2″ Aluminum Pole with 1/4″ Aluminum Plate Base.